Content Management System

custom software solutions
We are specialized in CMS Customization services. CMS, is a system that enables managing the information of your web page without the need for any specific programming. We generate each CMS to match your private requirements. The advantages this offers over other companies or expert CMSs is that the system does not come pre-packaged with alternatives that are irrelevant to your requirements. These pre-packaged alternatives are designed to meet a wide wide range of clients and therefore can enhance your cost by forcing you into investing for functions you do not need, rather of just the ones you want.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) lies at the heart of every business and Customer Relationship Management software has developed as a way to use technology to successfully leverage CRM to drive the business forward, helping businesses learn more about their customers in order to serve them better. If this is what you are interested in, Hamilton Web Solutions has custom MS Dynamics CRM solutions to help you out.

We specialize in partnering with companies in order to help them decide on the best CRM software that will reduce their costs as well as improve their customer relationships, providing guidelines on how to improve your own customer service procedures along the way. Hamilton Web Solution’s spectrum of business CRM software comes in all forms from implementing simple Microsoft Office extensions to developing high-end selling solutions. Our full range of services includes CRM consulting, CRM training, CRM integration and CRM implementation combined with comprehensive training and data migration facilities. If you are stumped in your search for a CRM software development company to help you with your CRM software requirements, you need look no further than us.

Database System Development

We help businesses organize and streamline their data with custom developed database solutions. Built on industry-leading open source technologies such as MySQL, our database development services will allow your business to centralize data on, or off the web. Your business will benefit from increased accessibility, improved security, and automated backups for peace of mind. Our database development services will assist you in designing systems to manage information the way you require, allowing you to simplify business processes and become more efficient. Our experienced team is fully qualified in designing and implementing custom databases that are robust, efficient, and secure.