As technology keeps growing into a bigger part of outside children’s lives, Pediatricians are seeing more and more young patients for repetitive stress injuries. Encountering these kinds of complications at this early age in development may result in much bigger problems later on. Here are a number of steps for parents to take to make sure their children computer or gaming habits do not lead to health difficulties.

  1. Have kids take 10-15 minute breaks for every hour they’re on the computer or playing video games. Spend that time stretching, running around, doing jumping jacks, or participating in another form of physical activity.
  2. Encourage correct posture with kids by teaching them to sit up straight, with the T.V. or computer screen at eye level.
  3. Have kids stretch their arms and palms before beginning. Like any physical exercise, difficulties occur when you just jump into it without heating up.
  4. Teach children proper typing methods. Invite this from a young age. Not only does this help prevent stress injuries, but it is going to be a skill they use the remainder of their lives.
  5. Encourage children to use different hand positions in their control when playing video games.

Whilst technology for children is not going away, it shouldn’t replace conventional childhood play. Technology is a great additive to children’s lives just when used in moderation. If you have got a small technology junkie in your home, you will need to figure out ways to promote him (or her) in different avenues of play. Make sure that the proportion of technology time to play time is 50/50.

If your child complains of wrist, hand, or neck pain, treat it seriously. The more it is ignored, the worse it will get and if not treated, the issue may result in lasting conditions.